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    Create Your Own Masterpiece!

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    Create with Numbers

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    Create with Landscape Shapes!

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    Create with Letters!

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    Create with Graphic Shapes!

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    Most of All... Have Fun!


A unique and interactive use of florescent designs and graphics to promote creativity and enhance self-esteem.

What is Flo-Graphix?

Flo-Graphix encourages children to CREATE their own graphic and artistic designs using florescent puzzle-like pieces. Watch their imaginations “glow” as their creations come to life under black light!

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Flo-Graphix has been a tremendous addition to the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center since its debut in the fall of 2011! Children are naturally drawn to the bright, neon-colored shapes, numbers and letters glowing under black light. They excitedly run to the walls to create and “show off” their creative designs. Children are so proud of their masterpieces, they pull in staff and volunteers as they exclaim, “Look what I made!”…

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There are four different kits you can choose from – Shapes, Letters, Landscapes and Numbers. Each can be purchased individually or as a set. They come in a durable, stackable plastic storage containers.


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